Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential to help the nursery provide a good quality provision that is compliant with the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  
These policies and procedures explain to staff and parents/carers about the type of childcare on offer and what actions we take in practice to achieve this.

The EYFS requires childcare providers to have written policies and procedures and to provide staff with training at induction to ensure that they fully understand and know how to implement policies and procedures.  They should ensure that they are accessible and clearly explained to parents/carers.

Our policies are organised under each of the ten Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  All providers must meet the statutory requirements of the EYFS and must take all necessary steps to keep children safe and well.

The Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage consist of five general requirements which relate to the safety and well-being of children:

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

To ensure children are safeguarded from harm, abuse, that their health, safety and well-being is promoted and that their behaviour is appropriately managed.

Anti-Radicalism polity.doc
Arrivals and Departures Policy.doc
Attendance Policy.doc
Complaints Policy.doc
Looked After Children.doc
Missing Child.doc
Online safety.docx
Outings & Visits Policy - Supervision.doc
Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.doc
Safeguarding for all staff.doc
Safety policy.doc
Uncollected Child.doc
Whistleblowing Policy.docx

Suitable People

Safe employment practices must be followed to ensure all staff and volunteers are suitable and have appropriate skills, knowledge and qualification to work with young children.  The staff must be organised to ensure that children are adequately supervised so they are kept safe and their needs are met.

Disciplinary procedure.docx
Grievances Procedure.doc
Retirement Policy.docx
Staff behaviour Policy.docx
Student Placements.doc
Supervision Policy.doc

Suitable Premises, Environment & Equipment

Regular risk assessments and safety checks must be carried out to minimise any hazards to children and adults in the nursery.  We must ensure that the premises, environment and equipment are safe and suitable for use.

Environmental policy.doc
Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation.doc
Health and Safety General Standards.doc
Outdoor policy.doc
Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Policy.doc
Risk Assessment.doc


All activities of the provision must be planned and organised to ensure they are anti-discriminatory and that children enjoy their experiences and have their individual needs met.  Children’s progress must be observed and recorded and each child is allocated a Key Person who helps them to feel comfortable in the nursery and keeps their parents/carers informed of their progress and development.


Admissions Policy.doc
Finance Policy.doc
Reserves policy.doc

Childcare Practice

Curriculum Policy.doc
Play policy.doc
The Role of the Key Person and Settling In.doc
Transition Policy.doc


Parental Involvement Policy.doc
Working in Partnership with Other Agencies Policy.doc


The nursery must have appropriate and effective records, policies and procedures to support the safe and efficient management of the childcare provision and to ensure it meets the needs of the children.  Records must be kept securely to ensure only those entitled to access confidential information are able to do so.

Children and Staff Records Policy.doc
Confidentiality and Client Access to Records Policy.doc
Information Sharing policy.doc
Provider Records Policy.doc
Transfer of Records to School Policy.doc

Equality of Opportunity

Our nursery must have and implement a policy, and procedures, to promote equality of opportunity for children in our care.  This includes support for children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Achieving Positive Behaviour.doc
British Values Policy.doc
Children's Rights & Entitlements.doc
Equal Opportunities & Valuing Diversity Policy.doc
Parental Behaviour Policy.doc
Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs.doc

Promoting Health & Hygiene

We must ensure that we promote the good health of the children who attend this nursery.  There must be a procedure, discussed with parents/carers, for responding to children who are ill or infectious, and we must take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection and take appropriate action if children are ill.

Administering Medicines.doc
Allergy policy.doc
Animals in the Setting.doc
Asthma policy.doc
Dummy Policy.doc
Emergency Treatment policy.doc
First Aid Policy.doc
Food and Drink Policy.doc
Food Hygiene policy.doc
Health and Safety General Standards.doc
Healthy Eating Policy.doc
Hygiene Policy.doc
Nappy Changing.doc
No Smoking.doc
Personal Hygiene Policy.
SunSmart Sun Protection policy.doc

All policies & Procedures are in a folder in the Foyer and can be accessed at all times.