Parental Involvement

Parents are the first educators of their children and we aim to support their essential work by involving them in the care and education of their children at this nursery.  We believe that children benefit most from early year’s education and care when parents and staff work together in partnership.

Our aim is to include all parents, both mothers and fathers.  These include both natural or birth parents as well as step-parents and parents who do not live with their children, but have contact with them and play a part in their lives.  ‘Parents’ also include same sex parents as well as foster parents.

The Role of Parents

The Pre-School Learning Alliance recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their young children. Our nursery aims to support parents. Parents are welcomed:
To take part in the management of the nursery
To work in the group with the children
To assist with fundraising
To represent the nursery at branch and county activities of the Pre-school Learning Alliance
To attend open meetings of the Pre-school Learning Alliance
To attend training courses, workshops and conferences organised by the Pre-school Learning Alliance
To attend the Nursery Annual General Meeting.


Our membership of the Pre-School Learning Alliance ensures that we are constantly in touch with new thinking in the field of child education and care. We receive a monthly magazine offering practical advice and up-to-date information, and have access to a range of professionally produced publications. Parents may ask to see any of these. In addition, on-going training is available through the Pre-school Learning Alliance courses, which welcome both staff and parents. Informal training is available through local meetings and conferences, and parents will always be informed about these.
We encourage parents and carers to undertake training, and offer work experience within the group. If you would like to become more involved in the nursery sessions as a volunteer or on our list of relief staff, please speak to a committee member.