Nursery Sessions

Our nursery is open from 8.15am for an Early Birds Session.  This runs until 9.15am when the morning nursery session begins. The following shows what usually happens at our Nursery.  There is also the option to start nursery at 9am.

Early Bird Session.  There is the option for the children to have breakfast during this session.

Start of Nursery. The children come into Nursery with their parents/carers, and put their names on the self-registration board. Parents must sign in their child/children and then hand them to a member of staff. This is an opportunity to pass on any important information, for example, the details of anyone else who may be picking your child up at home time.

Register is taken (Health & Safety) and the children are settled into the day. They are told about the adult led/craft activities for that day and staff talk to the children about the letter of the week, the changing seasons, month, day etc.

Free play both indoors and out.  This is where children are in control of their own play and the adults enhance play opportunities. (Using play is the main tool for children’s learning) Enhancements to free play are made on a weekly basis according to the children’s interests and observations.  (Adults can extend and develop children’s language and communication in their play through sensitive observations and appropriate intervention.)  During this time observations and photographs are taken and these then go towards our planning, assessment and Learning Journey Big Books.

The Free Play activities are available are as follows:
Craft activities: clay and dough, painting, cutting out, collage
Messy play: water, sand
Games and jigsaws
Design & Technology
Physical activity
Imaginative play: role play, cookery, home corner, dressing up
Investigation: finding out about the world
Outdoor play

Adult led activity 3 times per week

Toilet time (children and encouraged and supported to manage their own self care.

After toilet time the snack time Register is taken again (Health and Safety.) All children take turns to be a snack helper and counter, we also introduce the children to early Jolly phonics.  We provide the children with a varied snack, which enables us to have the opportunity to talk about healthy eating.  We also take this time to celebrate a child’s birthday. (Our snack time is a very social time.)

Following snack, children go back to Free Play.

Tidy up time – all children are encouraged and supported to help tidy up the different areas in the nursery room.

Story, songs & phase 1 letters and sounds.

End of morning nursery session – the children are passed over to their parents/carers (Health and Safety)
Children also have the opportunity to stay for lunch only.

Lunch time session, which is a packed lunch provided by the parent.  Lunchtime is a very social time at this nursery.  Staff have lunch with the children.

Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon sessions begin at 1.15pm and end at 3.15pm.

Free Play
Free play both indoors and outdoors with a focused activity or enhancement to the nursery room.

Stories or songs

End of afternoon nursery session.

3.15pm to 3.30pm
Parents/carers have the option for their children to stay for an extended afternoon session which enables parents the option of collecting their children closer to the end of the school day.